Life In Focus
453 Hazen Road, Jay NY 12941
Phone: 518-524-7934
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    We have dedicated the property to Mother Earth
  • Bumble Bee Enjoying An Aster
    Bumble Bee Enjoying An Aster
  • Life In Focus
    Life In Focus
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    Walking Trail
  • Kwan Yin-Chinese Goddess of Mercy
    Kwan Yin-Chinese Goddess of Mercy
  • Fire Pit-Sacred Space for Ceremonies
    Fire Pit-Sacred Space for Ceremonies

Healing Touch, Personal Counseling and Use of the Bio Mat

My Intention

My intention with Life In Focus is to work with others around their self-care so that they can learn to heal and align themselves with their own natural healing processes.

My Mission

Life in Focus has evolved over the last several years into a location and practice where clients and community can come for peace and the opportunity to connect in a variety of ways to their own heart centers.

My Dedication

Life In Focus honors Mother Earth and is committed to celebrating her in ceremony and promoting practices that help to heal and sustain her.

"The process of healing is the process of remembering who we are."

Lynn Edmonds - The Labyrinth Maker is Featured in the News

It looks like a maze.

"You keep calling it a maze," Lynn Edmonds said. "A labyrinth is not a maze, but the exact opposite. A maze is a puzzle, made to confuse you, but a labyrinth is a meditative walk, one foot in front of the other: a path."

Some of us are more familiar with mazes than labyrinths. Trails that intersect haphazardly through the tall, dry stalks of a corn field, mazes chopped into the maize, designed to bewilder, perhaps even frighten...

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  1. Private counseling and Healing Touch sessions
  2. Facilitated Labyrinth walks for specific needs and concerns
  3. The Labyrinth is open to the community for group and individual walks
  4. Use of the BioMat, an FDA approved thermo-therapeutic device that enhances your immune system, reduces fatigue, relieves pain, improves mood and promotes relaxation.
"Clearly it is time for us to remember that we are all one and responsible for caring for each other and Mother Earth. Our job isn't to dominate earth but to be compassionate stewards and to nurture and care for all life while we are here."
~Steven Farmer