Life In Focus
453 Hazen Road, Jay NY 12941
Phone: 518-524-7934

About Lynn Edmonds & Life In Focus

image of Lynn and Keeper Lynn's practice, Life In Focus, is based on the belief that the healing journey is ultimately one of self healing. The body is a marvelous self healing mechanism. It contains the knowledge on how to function properly and bring itself back into balance. Lynn works with her clients to learn to align themselves with the natural healing process and to develop and exercise their own ability to self heal so that their changes will be significant and long lasting.

Lynn began her professional life as an RN. She soon became aware that much of allopathic medicine was treating the symptoms of disease not the primary causes. She began to look for other ways to be of service.

Pursing an interest in working with individuals and families with mental health concerns, Lynn worked as a Community Mental Health Nurse, at the Essex County Mental Health Services as a therapist for 21 years.

Through her own healing journey and her work in community mental health, Lynn recognized that much of disease is impacted by the stress present in our lives. In an effort to help herself heal and to continue to work with others Lynn trained as a Healing Touch Practitioner, a complimentary therapy that focuses primarily on the human energy field.

image of people walking the Labyrinth Lynn strongly believes that the mind, body and spirit all need to be considered when developing ways to heal and balance ourselves. Lynn became a trained Labyrinth Facilitator, and built a labyrinth on their property with the help of a labyrinth builder, her family and friends. Labyrinths have a single path and is an effective spiritual tool, generic in nature and personal in application. Regular ceremonies are held here and the communityhas an open invitation to  come and walk whenever they feel the need.

Lynn has a private office attached to her home on 453 Hazen Rd in Jay, NY where she offers Healing Touch, personal counseling, time on Biomat and labyrinth walks.