Life In Focus
453 Hazen Road, Jay NY 12941
Phone: 518-524-7934

Events at Life In Focus

Labyrinth Walk with Sacred Sounds followed by Sound Bath

Saturday, October 14th at 6pm
Fee: $25 per person
at Life in Focus, 453 Hazen Road  *  Jay NY 

Come walk the Labyrinth immersed in the energies of the Earth Gong, Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls. Let the vibrations transport you on a magical journey through the sacred spiral.

We’ll begin with Lynn Edmond slowly guiding everyone through the Labyrinth. You may walk with a focused intention for your own healing, accompanied with sacred sound.

Following the walk people are invited to experience a sound bath. You will lie on the lawn for close to an hour, surrounding the fire as Andrea plays a wide variety of sound healing instruments.

You need to be warm and comfortable!

Be sure to bring a mat to lie on, cushion, blankets, pillow and water. You may also wish to bring a folding lawn chair if you do not want to lie on the ground.

Please be sure to bring a flashlight, or a head lamp with you!

Visit our Facebook Event Page for more information and let us know if your interest, going or just not interested.

Labyrinth Walk to Sacred Sounds Event $25 per person

To register for this special event please call Andrea Villiere at (518)304-3763

Pre-Registration and Pre-Payment necessary!(15 participants only)

Due to the large interest in this special event, it has become necessary to limit this experience to a maximum of 15 participants.

Please Note: Should more than 15 attend, they will have the opportunity to walk the Labyrinth following the Sound Bath. Those who have Pre-Paid for this event will be first to walk the Labyrinth.

This is largely due to the space within the Labyrinth, the time it will take for each person to walk it, then experience the sound bath that follows.

Also Note: If it rains, the event will be cancelled, as the tools Andrea uses cannot get wet! Those who have paid through PayPal, cash, or check, for the October 14th event have the option of either being reimbursed, or putting the $25 towards a future event. Please contact Andrea, or Lynn to let us know what you would like to do. Thank you.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Time:  11am to 5pm
Fee: Donation 
at Life in Focus, 453 Hazen Road  *  Jay NY

Tim and Jana Mason from Heron Brook Haven, a spiritual, healing and teaching center, in Pawlet, Vermont will be at Life In Focus to conduct the Sweat Lodge Ceremony.

The Sweat Lodge is a very old cleansing rite. There are many different types of Lodge Ceremonies as each culture and tradition holds its own version, however, they all have something in common; purification and prayer. This is a Ceremony and all elements of this are treated with respect.

The Lodge represents the womb of Mother Earth. As one makes their way through the rounds in darkness and heat, purification happens on all levels of your being. Through prayer, Ceremony, sharing and sweating one is reborn as they leave the sacred space of the Lodge.

Registration for the Sweat Lodge is required due to space considerations.  Sweat Lodge Ceremony will be held rain or shine.  Call Lynn @ 518-524-7934 for
registrations and questions. The fee is by donation. 

Dress in shorts and tee shirts, bring a change of clothes, water and a dish to share at the end of the Ceremony we will gather to share a meal together.

Visit our Facebook Event Page for more information and let us know if your interest, going or just not interested.