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Full Moon Labyrinth Walks & Sacred Fire Ceremony

Full Moon Labyrinth Walk

image of mother earthA labyrinth is an ancient, sacred symbol that can be found in many cultures and religious traditions throughout the world. It is non denominational and welcomes all people. The circular mandala pattern symbolizes unity and wholeness and the meandering path within the circle is a metaphor for the journey of life.

Walking the labyrinth allows you to focus your thoughts and gain clarity and insight about your life. It acts as a mirror or magnifying glass through which we capture a glimpse of our inner workings.

We can use the labyrinth walk as a practice ground for learning the art of self observation. We can then apply this skill to our daily lives. Remember everything is a metaphor. The labyrinth will mirror back to you whatever you need to see about yourself that is getting in the way of divine alignment which is when your thoughts, words, and actions are aligned with who you really are. The power of the labyrinth as with any spiritual practice ,is what you bring to it. It is a path to connecting with the still small voice;the sacred within you.The labyrinth is a metaphor for life.If you pay attention to how you are walking, you can learn a great deal about how you live.

Some reasons for individuals to walk the labyrinth

To quiet the mind
To solve a problem
To ask a question
A walking meditation

Sacred Fire Ceremony

image of firepitCeremony is a powerful, active way to communicate with the Divine through clear and loving intentions and symbolic action. It is conducted in a circle which represents a sacred symbol that has been honored throughout time. The circle is a reminder of the sacredness of life; the seasons, sunrise to sunrise, the sun, moon, stars, the earth. These are things that are round.

Whenever we engage is an act or ritual that has been shared throughout time we are benefactors of all the goodness that has come from it. The circle in of itself, is imbued with lifetimes of profound wisdom.

Holding Sacred Circle means that there is an agreement to hold each other and the gathering itself as sacred. What is shared or spoken is done in a sacred manner. As we listen to one another there is no judgment or criticism present. We are able to listen wholeheartedly to what each person has to say, holding them in support and compassion. The Circle allows that everyone within the circle is equal. there is no hierarchy in at the Circle. Everyone and every expression is equally valued.

Our evenings begin at the fire pit where we gather to release and honor that which we are ready to let go of. Whenever we conduct a healing ceremony we begin by creating a Sacred Space. Sacred Space is a place where people can come to acknowledge and focus on who they really are and in what or who they place their trust. The group is led in an invocation which will call in the Spirits using the four directions to be present so that our prayers can be heard. A Sacred Fire Ceremony is a powerful way to heal.