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Labyrinth Walks

image of mother earthA labyrinth is an ancient, sacred symbol that can be found in many culture and religious traditions throughout the world. It is nondenominational and welcomes all people.The circular mandala pattern symbolizes  unity and wholeness and the meandering path within the circle is a metaphor for the journey of life.

Walking the labyrinth allows you to focus your thoughts and gain clarity and insight about your life. It acts as a mirror or magnifying glass through which we capture a glimpse of our inner workings.We can use the labyrinth walk as a practice ground for learning the art of self observation and then we can apply this skill to out daily lives. It is important to take note of how you are feeling when walking the labyrinth. If you pay attention to how you walk you can learn a great deal about how you live.The ancients walked the labyrinth for good fortune,protection,empowerment,spiritual insight and a connection to the earth and nature.. These reasons are still relevant today.

"It has been my personal experience and as a labyrinth facilitator, that gaining clarity and insight, quieting the mind, using the walk as a way of reducing stress, working on solving a problem, setting and practicing affirmations and as a meditation are some of the reasons given for walking the labyrinth."

image of labyrinthLife In Focus has from its inception the intention of providing healing for its owners and their community. The labyrinth is an integral part of this and as a sacred, healing place it is open to the community. I encourage folks to make walking the labyrinth a part of their spiritual practice and healing journey.

There is no charge for walking the labyrinth. A donation would be appreciated for maintenance of the labyrinth.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 518-524-7934.