Life In Focus
453 Hazen Road, Jay NY 12941
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Monthly Sacred Fire Circle & Labyrinth Walks

June - Strong Sun Full Moon Labyrinth Walk

Saturday, June 10th, 2017 at 7:00pm at 453 Hazen Road  *  Jay NY 

In June, the sun has become more present and the days are getting longer. It is time to be outside putting the darkness of winter behind us. A time for bonding with family and friends and strengthening the connections we have.

At this time of the full moon, the moon’s energy is the strongest. Come to the Sacred Fire Circle and release many of the obstacles and hindrances in your nature and/or send healing thoughts and prayers.

Then join us at the labyrinth. It is a meditative walk that imparts peace. The Labyrinth Walk can also begin a process of insight so a new opportunity can come into your awareness. This time in the Labyrinth is meant to be a reflective and meditative act when you stay in the moment with your experience.

Ceremony will take place rain or shine. Call Lynn at 518-524-7934 with any questions.

There is no charge for this Ceremony, however; donations are appreciated for the maintenance of the labyrinth and ceremony area

Visit our event page at Facebook Event Page and let us know if your interest, going or just not interested or just leave us a comment we would love to hear from you.