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Life In Focus is now offering Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

The Sweat Lodge is a very old cleansing rite. There are many different types of Lodge ceremonies as each culture and tradition holds its own versions, however, they all have something in common, purification and prayer. This is a Ceremony and all elements of this are treated with respect. The Sweat Lodge is first but in the morning from saplings that are sacredly gathered, then the Ceremony follows. the Lodge represents the womb of Mother Earth. As one makes their way through the rounds in darkness and heat, purification happens on all levels of your being. Through prayer, Ceremony, sharing and sweating one is reborn as they leave the sacred space of the Lodge.

In July 2017, Tim and Jana Mason, from Heron Brook Haven, a spiritual, healing and educational center in Pawlet, Vermont conducted a Sweat Lodge at Life In Focus. They have offered to be available to us for Sweat Lodge Ceremonies.

The Lodge comfortably holds 6 to 7 people. When we have enough interest, I will check with Jana for a date. Fee is by donation.

If you are interested in attending a Lodge and or have questions about the Ceremony, call Lynn @1-518523-7934.